Rating System

My rating system is as follows:

Loved it and wanting more. Usually five star reviews mean they are some of my favourite books. These are the books I buy both hardcover and paperback of, and when a special edition comes out, I just have to have it!

Really liked it. Usually, with 4 stars, it gets the same treatment as a 5 star review, I just don’t buy any special versions.

It was good, but lacked something. Three stars, by my definition, does not make the book bad. It just means the book was average, to my perspective, and I only buy paperbacks.

Most likely did not like it, but somehow, something redeemed it. I most likely won’t purchase anything with 2 star review or below (hello library!), unless its sequel proves to be better.

I don’t feel comfortable using the last two, but I have used the one star before. I don’t like to use it, I don’t feel joy when using it, and I especially don’t like saying that I dislike an authors book.


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