Review Policy

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Revised September 13, 2012 – Slightly edited on ebooks.

I will accept any review copies in hardback or paperback. I also accept books that are already published. If your book is only in e-book format (or that is the only way you can offer me a review copy), I will be very picky. My ebook format preference is .epub as I have a Nook.

My personal preference is hardcopies. I do not particularly want to accept any ebooks for review, unless I have reviewed an authors work in the past.

If I accept a novel for review, I do not guarantee that it will be reviewed. Any title located on my wishlist is guaranteed a review. Novels that I’ve personally requested will always come first. I do guarantee that I will read a few chapters and if I like it, it will be reviewed. ARC reviews will be posted the month of its release date or just after.
—–If You have a certain date the book should be reviewed by, I will try to have the review posted by that date or within an appropriate time frame. I do not make any guarantees as unknown factors (life) can come into play.

My list of reviewed titles is located here.


A note to self-published authors: I appreciate everyone who has contacted me asking for a review, but from now on I must decline and ask you not to send me requests. However, if I have reviewed your work in the past, please do feel free to contact me. To see if I have reviewed your work in the past, you can check the review archive or check the categories section on the sidebar.

If you do not hear back from me within one week of requesting a review, I most likely am not interested in reviewing your book. Please do not send me multiple emails asking if I have received your last one.

My reviews and what you can expect from them

I’m not here to critique and nothing I write will analyze the book or break it down. I simply tell what I like or felt about the novel and what I didn’t like. My honest opinion will always be given. That includes reviews that say I didn’t like a certain book. However, I will always give respect to author. I don’t feel the need to be hateful to an author if I dislike his/her book. It’s unnecessary and rude.
I’m not a book critic, but a book blogger. Please keep this in mind.

All reviews will include the cover art, a summary, and a link of where to buy- usually Amazon.
All reviews will be crossposted to Goodreads and Amazon.

Genres I accept

This blog is mostly dedicated to young adult and supernatural fiction.
The following genres I accept, but are not limited too:

• Young Adult
• Dystopia
• Fantasy
• Romance
• Historical Romance
• Science Fiction
• Fiction
• Graphic novel
• Adult

I do make exceptions for erotica and mysteries. With graphic novels, I tend to lean more toward manga.

For a series:If a book is part of a series, I ask for you to please provide the previous novels in the series. This also applies to graphic novels as well. This way I can get the full enjoyment out of the series and therefore have a better review and understanding.

Please ask me if you’re not sure I have the previous books.

Genres I DO NOT accept

• Nonfiction
• Biography/memoirs
• Thrillers
• Horror


Please feel free to contact me,

Contact information:
Email || saycecat(at)yahoo(dot)com
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1 thought on “Review Policy”

  1. I write reviews for blog tours and since many of them only come in an ebook format, I found Kindle for the PC. It’s amazing and might change your review policy. Obviously it’s not as convenient as a hand-held reader of some sort, but it’s a free download.


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