About Me

Welcome to Worn Pages and Dusty Shelves. My name is Mercedes and I’m 26 years old. My book blogger alias is usually Mercy. Although no one has ever called me that.

I live in The Heart of Dixie and constantly battle red bugs, fire ants, mutant grasshoppers, and ten-foot spiders (I’m kidding, I hope).

My day job is taking care of my multitude of animals. 11 cats, a Dachshund/Rat Terrier mix, a demon Chihuahua, and a Mini Rex rabbit. Feeding time is frantic, I’m lucky I come out unscathed. It should be noted that I’m not a hoarder, I swear. I have been known to take in any strays that come my way though. Especially cats, I love cats.


My second (or third depending on the day) hobby is Asian Dramas, I’ve been watching them for about 8 years now. I really love the stories, characters and costumes if I’m watching sageuks, they’re very different from what you would see on American TV. Interested in seeing what I’ve watched? Check out mydramalist then.

I decided to become a book blogger because not only do I love reading (*deadpan*), but it gives me the motivation to keep reading (yes, I’m looking at that huge stack of books I haven’t made a dent in) and reviewing. :] I’m one of those people, that when I read, I see what’s happening- like a movie in my head. I don’t just read the words, they have actions and the words become real…make any sense? No? That’s okay. I’m often off in lala land, creating my own magical world. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to insert themselves into a mythical world and go on half the thrills the characters we read about have? C:

About WP&DS:

Worn Pages and Dusty Shelves is a place where I can be bookish without reserve. The blog was mostly focused on the Young Adult genre, but now it is mixed with both YA and Adult (noted in titles). I can’t say it’s exclusively YA & Adult. Other genres always have appeal to me, so, the blog is constantly eating new material.

I actually didn’t get into YA until the summer of 2011, until then I had been reading Harlequins, Historicals, and other romance novels that my grandmother had around the house. You could say that WP&DS is a way for me to catch up on what I’ve missed.

• The Blog was inactive for several years following ( and just before) my grandmothers death in 2012.


Where else you can find me:
Barnes and Noble


3 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Have you read “The Cat Who” series by Lilian Jackson Braun?

    • I actually have a huge stack of “The Cat Who” books that I bought a few years ago. I just haven’t gotten around to them, but I’ve heard good things! I definitely need to find where I put them and start on one. :]

  2. Hey! I’m Patricia from BookExhibitionism. You just filled out the survey. (THANK YOU!!!!) And since I don’t have this weird thing called Real Life and my tumblr is a little quiet right now, I stalked you. No. Well, I read your answers. ; )

    Just some things I’ve wanted to share with you:

    1. GFC doesn’t work for WordPress.ORG users anymore either from March ’12 on. So, no need to be jealous ;D

    2. You can use Javascript and all those things that people who pay for WordPress, without paying for it:

    – Download WordPress, then search for a free hosting service. In Germany that’d be bplaced. I’m not sure about other countries, though.
    – Alternative is to pay 3 bucks a month.
    – Another alternative is to ask someone else to host you and pay 10 bucks a year for your own domain. Most bloggers who use WordPress have way more webspace than they use!
    – Then upload WordPress, change your config.php and log in.
    – You’re ready to go!

    I hope that helps a bit! If you have any WordPress related questions.. maybe ask me? I’m not a pro, but I’ve had several problems earlier this year and I suppose since people helped me it’d do my Karma good to help, too. ; D

    Good luck and thank you again for answering all my questions. I hope it didn’t take you too long!

    All my best,

    (And I’ll add you to my google reader!)

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