Back in November(ish) of 2014 I went to an estate sale where there were piles and piles, okay, a garage literally FULL of books. First day I ended up buying just 1 box for about $5. Next day I go back and ALL the boxes are marked $1!!!!! This girl huffed and puffed and lifted and dug until the man overseeing it was asking me if I was ok. Heck yes I was ok! I ended up with lots of urban fantasy and murder mysteries. 80% of them had never been read.

Until I bought the bookshelf above, my books were stacked in rows against the wall. Sadly, I still ended up needing at least one more bookshelf.

I’m sure others have way more books that I do, it’s just at the moment I feel as though I own a library that has exploded.

As for what I’ve read: I finished The Sharing Knife by Lois McMaster Bujold which I highly recommend. There’s a bit of the creep factor to the book (looking at the main character Dag), other than that I consider one of the best books I’ve read. I’m eager to read more of her work and continue on with the series.

I have so many mystery books and so many that are not in order that I’m curious as to whether it’s okay to read them out of order. With series I usually shout to the world that it is not okay and will never be okay, but with mysteries/crime mysteries I’m confused. Maybe because I’ve always been under the impression that mysteries are stand alone and can be read as such even if they are in a series.

Other than that, the blog will one day get a makeover with a new theme and banner (Outlander, anyone?). Maybe not this week, but soon. I probably will not participate in memes anymore since I was really burnt out doing reviews + memes. Speaking of, reviews will be much simpler and will probably not include the synopsis and instead just include a goodreads link. I’m envious that other bloggers can continually include such things, but it seems that the more I include the more my patience thins to the point I would rather not do books reviews. So, I’ll try it this way from now on in the hopes that simpler = happier me.