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Taken at Dusk
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Taken at Dusk

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Chosen at Nightfall

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Huge hunking spoilers are listed below in the ‘spoilers header’.

I finally did it. I completed the Shadow Falls series that I started way back in 2012. I actually reread the first two books to refresh myself and they reminded me how much I love this series. However, books 3-5 started to…grind my gears a bit.

Kylie hits the too special category not just one time, but three (or is it 4?)! As if Kylie didn’t have this special pattern, we find out she’s a protector, and another incredibly rare thing at book 5. This is too much special for one girl and I found myself constantly sighing at every moment’s notice (I’m looking at you book 5). All of this falling on a sixteen year old’s shoulder is a bit much. I did enjoy her ghost whispering abilities though (I admit, book 4 was something that made me uncomfortable).
If I’m going to continue being truthful I wanted to strangle her with a lamp cord at her constant back and forthing. It’s the most annoying thing to have half a book (or more if you count all the books) dedicated to her being unable to decide what to do with Lucas or Derek. There was never any head-way with these thoughts and that was the worst.

The one thing I truly love about this series is the friendship between Della, Miranda, and Kylie. It’s a breath of fresh air, even when the vamp and witch are trying to verbally kill one another.

Our love triangle flattened anti-climatically and suddenly. The way it was done and the feelings of that person as they jumped to another girl so quickly was unbelievable. I’m almost convinced that he never loved her to start with. You know, considering that by the end of the series she has been at Shadow Falls for just 3 months!
Derek started to bother me in the last three books. Always there, always knowing what Kylie was feeling, always wanting to take that friendship into more, he was just there too much. He might be a great guy, but I definitely did not root for him in the last books.
As for Lucas, he screwed up in book 4, but that didn’t make me like his character any less (maybe I was mad for awhile there, but come on, Kylie strung both Derek and Lucas along for 3 months). I may be a Lucas fan, but even I can see how his character did a 360 in book 5 to become more like Derek. His behavior became unnatural compared to how he was before. Is that a good thing? Well, by the end I was over both Derek and Lucas and thought Kylie should have just went after her teacher Hayden. After all, I didn’t even get a smouldering sex scene- HA!

I’m mainly disappointed with the plot and its ending. As a whole, it’s fine, but when Kylie began to resolve what’s been brewing it fell to ugly pieces. Since we know Mario (not the guy in the red cap) is our bad guy and he’s did really bad things, we expect the ending to be full of tears and heartbreak. Instead, we find ourselves with a new villain and the easy eradication of the old. It becomes a jumbled mess and hard to believe that so much time was spent on Mario and his ‘wicked’ ways.
Even now that I’ve finished the series, I’ve yet to really figure out why Mario considered her such a threat (to him) and did everything possible to taunt her. He could have just continued to do evilness away from her and the people she loved and nothing would have happened. Anti-climatic villain to go with anti-climatic love triangle? I’ll take that to go.

Between overused phrases, constant group hugs (it’s a little weird to constantly hug your camp leaders, lbr), the Shadow Falls series has something that just calls to you despite there being many flaws. The writing is simple, easy to understand, without giving long passages of grueling detail and the characters are not always what you’d consider the perfect character, but it’s hard to let them go.

I recommend the Shadow Falls series for the sheer reason that it’s an addictive page turner, but be prepared to be aggravated and throw your book(s) at the wall.


And here we are.
Chameleons, Holy Warrior, Protector, Ghost Whisperer- seriously?! She’s all the different species, plus a Protector, making it impossible to use those powers to protect herself. Ok. That’s fine. Top it all off with becoming a Holy Warrior which is NEVER fully explained and so super rare that the sword bubbles up from the falls. No. Nope. Nuh-huh. She’s supposed to have this sword, that can only be used when she’s in protective mode, and she’s supposed to kill Mario with it? DO YOU UNDERSTAND MY DISBELIEF?

What takes the cake is Mario’s son killing him and turning out to be John. The man we feared, the villain who was so ~scary~ that they wouldn’t let Kylie pee by herself is easily stabbed in the back and dies, just like that. What is this?

The Death Angels were incredibly disappointing. I wish they had been expanded on instead of being pushed to the side. Book 5 there were scenes (lots of scenes in fact) that felt like fillers that were just stepping stones to real scenes. Instead of focusing on pregnancy tests and sex, the Death Angels could have been expanded on.

Chosen at Nightfall just had such a rushed and uneven ending that it didn’t live up to the previous books. It wasn’t just a few pages, it was the last third of the book. Really, Chosen at Nightfall was just a mess for me- an addictive mess, but a mess nonetheless.

I will forever side eye Lucas’s change of character. To go from secretive and all for the pack and his quest, to dumping his dreams for Kylie and announcing his love for her, it was weird and wrong. Then for his dad to just become understanding and all that jazz… ):

And one can’t forget Kylie running away from Lucas and going to grandfathers for the grand total of 2 weeks. She wanted to learn about what she was and how to control it, but the rules were too much? I can’t with you Kylie.