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It’s been 8 months since I’ve posted anything about the new books I’ve gotten. Thankfully (NOT!) I haven’t purchased many. In fact, most of these were dollar purchases, with a few being what I won months and months and months ago (shame on me!).

Yes, I’m feeling better. Everyday I still expect to see my grandmother and sometimes it just hits me and knocks the breath out of me. But I’m better. It’s getting better. Just taking it one day at a time.




The Host by Stephenie Meyer (My 3rd copy actually.)
Beneath the Glitter by Elle and Blair Fowler (I don’t know if I won this one or if I received it from the publisher. I think it’s the latter.)
Wyndano’s Cloak by A. R. Silverberry (Signed!)


The Morganville Vampires volume 2 (Thought I might have a giveaway with the second copy :)
I Will Always Love you – Gossip Girl Novel
The Purple Emperor
Emily the Strange: Stranger and Stranger
Love Bites
The Immortal Realm
Cathy’s Book
Tarzan: The Broadway Adventure
Avalon: The Warlock Diaries Omnibus
Kashimashi V1
He is My Master V4&5
Tetragrammaton Labyrinth V4
Prince of Persia

For Review:

A Shade Of Vampire (Ebook)

And that’s it for me. Most of these I don’t even know what they’re about, but I saw them and thought maybe they’d be interesting. :)