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I have nothing better to do today, so I’m doing an appreciation post for the amazing, glorious, beautiful, *insert other adjectives* drawings and awesomeness that is Bitterblue.

For those of you who have already bought Bitterblue, you’ve already seen these. To those of you who have yet to look at Bitterblue or buy it, I’m about to give you incentive!

Bitterblue is 3rd in the Seven Kingdoms series. Previous books are Graceling and Fire.

Yes, the book is PURPLE! It also has really pretty paisley type pattern to the beginning and ending pages.

Gorgeous right? I’m not reading it at the moment, I’m finishing Born at Midnight and then moving on to Bitterblue. It’s like, now that I’ve already bought, I don’t have to worry about not having it anymore and the pull isn’t as strong as it was when I didn’t have it. Can you believe there were NO copies of Insurgent to be found at Wal-Mart today? A disgrace! Can you believe my copy of Bitterblue was 16.99? Online it’s advertised as under 12. D< My Wal-Mart is expensive anyway, so I can believe the excessive price increase.

Whew, are y'all reading Bitterblue? :)