The answer I want to scream and be dishonest about is, “No, I never get tired of reading or of blogging. How could I even ask such a thing?!” *Insert angry adjectives here*

I must confess though, I have moments where I refuse to read. Take these past few weeks for example. I have shiny new books on my bookshelf, books I’ve been dying to read, books I’ve won, but, I just can’t bring myself to get invested in a story. I want to read them. I truly do. I have the time to read through them, but I think I’m in a book-temper-tantrum. My brain is saying, “No! No! Don’t you dare touch those books! I don’t wanna!!!” I’m very much to the point where opening up a book would be excruciating.

Reading a book right now, I’m sure I wouldn’t enjoy it and my overall reading experience would just plummet (and remind myself why I didn’t want to read in the first place).

Now, why did this happen to me? The last book I read and reviewed was Silver Borne by Patricia Briggs. I had a few problems with it, but I don’t think it dampened my reading mood. Before that it was Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver. Still, I loved Pandemonium, so it wasn’t that. Just what did it? Is blogging the problem? No, I don’t think so, I enjoy blogging.

I’m just flat burnt out of reading (new books). Like those times I ate and ate spicy ramen noodles, and then the last time I ate them they were absolutely terrible. Or like all the popcorn I’ve been eating. You have too much of a good thing and you find out you need to stop eating it for awhile.

If I’m been extra honest, I have re-read a few of my older books. I knew what to expect from them, I knew I loved them, and therefore, they’re “safe” books. It might not just be that I’m burnt out on new books, but that I’m afraid to pick something up and not make friends with the characters. If you’re like me, reading a books and not liking it can put a severe stop to your reading pleasure. I know there are people who can bounce right back from reading something they didn’t like or plow through everything in their path, regardless if they’re burnt out or not.
I may do some plowing of my own soon, I have a galley of book I’ve been wanting to read that’s about to expire, and I may just need to floor it and crush all obstacles.

Do you get burnt out on reading (or blogging)? How long does it take you to bounce back? Or do you continue on until you find a book that gets you back into the mood?