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Musing Mondays hosted @ shouldbereading
This week’s musing asks…

Why do you think that the Young Adult genre is so popular with even the adult readers?
Do you read YA books, yourself?

This is something I’ve wondered about since I started reading YA and realized how popular it was. My answers are mainly reasons why it’s popular with me.

Most of the time, a YA book has an inexperienced female lead- hasn’t been kissed, hasn’t had a boyfriend, etc. If you compare that to, say, Linda Howard, her leads almost always have experience in sex. There’s something sweet about reading about a girl falling in love for the first time. It works because YA is well, YA.
I’ve come to expect this with the YA genre. It’s one the biggest reasons I keep coming back. I do enjoy adult books, but I really like reading about a lead freaking out about her first kiss.

Male lead (s)
This one is a given. Sure, they might be barely legal, but that doesn’t stop us fangirls (& should I say, fanboys, as well?). Team Peeta, Team Jacob, Team Ash, Team Patch. I definitely think the male leads are a contributing factor when it comes to YA being so popular.

From one boy to a love triangle, usually a YA book has this. It’d be a lie if I said I didn’t read YA for the romance. This one ties in the Innocence and Male Leads. I really don’t think I should have to elaborate.

Nothing really compares to a good YA storyline. I find them entirely different from adult books, more imaginative, vast, and compelling. (Don’t get me wrong, I think adult books can have all this too.) These days, the YA books I read, almost all have this. Graceling, Uglies, The Hunger Games, Cinder, they all have storylines that swept me away.

We were all teens once. While we may not want to relive our teenage years, we can imagine them a different way by reading YA. In adult books, I may read about a lawyer or a police officer, but the truth is, I’ve never been either one of those things. I have been a teen and it’s easier to understand and put myself in their shoes rather than the lawyer.

To answer the last question, yes, I read YA for all the reasons above and because it’s enjoyable. =]