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Initially, I wasn’t going to bother with a IMM post this week since I’m still pretty much stuck on Christmas, but I’ve had a few books come in this week.

Fallen in Love (Fallen #3.5) by Lauren Kate
Blood Sun (Danger Zone #3) by David Gilman

Both books I won from RandomBuzzers. I haven’t read either series, but both sound really good. Just more things to add to my lists. :P

I also bought Remembrance by Michelle Madow a month ago and forgot to mention it. D:

Dragon Age II: The Complete Official Guide

While not a “book” I did buy this half off at Gamestop (because I’m a major DA nerd) hoping it would have some pretty art inside. I wasn’t disappointed.

I hope everyone is having an awesome New Year. I’m still playing with my PS3 and have read absolutely nothing new. (Well, I AM reading The Hunger Games again, but I don’t count that.) I have a few books I want to start, but my priorities are screwed right now. ><

I'll probably give myself another week before I return and blog seriously.

Other than that, for the start of the New Year, I'll be eating collards, cornbread, hog jowls, and maybe some black-eyed peas to help increase luck and wealth. :] (Plus homemade lemon meringue pie!) Anyone else do silly things like that? Hope everyone eats a feast tonight! ♥