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Hi everyone! I hope y’all have had a wonderful Christmas (and holidays!) this year~! I know I had a very happy Christmas!

This will be one of my last posts for 2011, because honestly, I WANT to play with my presents! ^_^ I love my blog, but I also have other things to do while gearing up for the new year.

Here’s what I got this Christmas:

A BB/Pellet pistol: to learn how to shoot in case of zombies
$25 dollars from my grandma
A 320GB PS3 with Uncharted 3~!

Dragon Age II w/a pretty strategy guide (I bought these for myself as a present.)
A few months ago, my mom bought me a crap ton load of manga from ebay which was part of my Christmas as well.

And that’s it! No pictures this time. Sorry. :C

I TOLD y’all I wouldn’t be getting any books, but since I’ve been hollering for a PS3 all year, the ending is very, very sweet. Especially since I still have to go buy some games for my PS3. :D
Also, Uncharted 3 is awesome. I usually don’t play games like that, but I’m totally loving it.

I want to know what everyone else got for Christmas! So, if you’re in a sharing mood, feel free to leave me a comment or a link to your own Christmas post.