While this is a giveaway entry, I would like to take the time and explain the book I chose.

The book I’m most thankful for is Twilight.

This is the moment where you click that little red ‘x’ and say, “Adios!” That’s fine and dandy, but it doesn’t change the fact that my reading life was changed by it. I’ve touched on Twilight before in a Musing Monday post, but I never really said what happened after.

I read Twilight my junior year and it was the first book I had willing read in about 5 years, so, you can see that it was pretty important. I devoured the rest of the series, waited on Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, and in-between, bought my own set and read them 6 more times. That’s quite a feat for a girl who hadn’t been a bookworm.

You can say that my love for the supernatural/paranormal genre is all thanks to Twilight. Because all of a sudden, after I had read Twilight, I had to read about vampires, I had to read about werewolves, I had to beg my mom to buy me The Southern Vampire Mystery series. At the same time, I fell in love with the idea of romance and turned to harlequins and historical romances- when before I’d just drool over the covers and wondered, “What will happen if my mom catches me reading these?”

If I hadn’t read Twilight? Would I have read all these others books that led me here? I doubt it. How can I not be thankful to the one book that made me read again? I would be a terribly sad person if I had not read the adventures that I have.
I’m not ashamed I’ve read Twilight. Nor am I ashamed that I fell back in love with reading.