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The Awakening (Good vs Evil) by 
Donald B. Lemke and
Claudia Medeiros (Illustrator)
37 pages
Published August 1st 2011
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In every moment of time, two sides exist. Each has a story, and each its own point of view. One event. Two perspectives. The choice is up to you…

In 1984, a teenager finds a cassette on the streets of Tokyo, Japan. At home, the teen sticks the mysterious tape into his Walkman and pushes play. Suddenly, an Oni-like creature awakens deep below the apartment building. It surfaces, seeking out the irritating music and chasing the boy to the rooftop — where both their fates will be decided. A part of the Good vs Evil series.


The summary of The Awakening sums up the whole book and I’m so disappointed! I’d hoped to find more dialogue and story, but I didn’t. I did however, find a style that was intriguing.

The Awakening can be read three different ways. The top half with Yoshiro Tanaka (blue=good) can be read by itself as can the bottom with The Oni demon(red=evil) creating a different perspective to the story. The third choice (which was how I done it) was to read both the blue and red, mixing the good and evil. It’s pretty interesting if read apart and then together.

The story adopts the manga style of reading left to right. Because of this, I do think the frames could have been positioned a bit better.
The art style is neat and the coloring stays with reds, blues, and blacks, so you always know what’s good and what is evil. The art could have been cleaned up a little, not that it isn’t visually nice, but it isn’t what you’d call traditionally pretty.

The ending is really what makes me just, “Wow.” Who would have thought that ending would have happened? Overall, it’s really not long enough for me, but it does get creative props for being interesting and doing something I’ve never seen before.