I’ve been reading my butt off and still haven’t managed to finish any books to review today! So I thought I’d tell y’all I’m participating in NaNoWriMo! (This will be my first year.)

I actually wasn’t going to participate, but a friend of mine really got me pumped. And hey, the thought of writing crap and not backspacing is appealing! I’m a habitual backspacer and I can only imagine the challenge it’s going to be. “MUST RESIST THE BACKSPACE BUTTON…”

Do I have any idea of what I’m going to write? Haha. No.

Does 50k in words scare me? …Can I have my blankey now?

Do I have any writing experience? My tenth grade teacher liked my essay and showed it off…if that counts. Otherwise, I was once your normal everyday fanfiction author- still am to a degree. So, technically, I have written a 150k novel. (Fuuu. Ten points to Gryffindor if you can correctly guess~)

Do I really have no idea what I’m going to write? Well, I definitely know it’s going to be a supernatural/paranormal story, maybe set in a dystopian world. Bring on the werewolves!

What will I definitely not write about? Vampires. Witches. Fairies…or maybe I will write about fairies. Boys with piercing green eyes that you meet/see/stew in a lunch room while he glares at you.

Why yes, I did just interview myself. In all seriousness, that did give me a spark of an idea of what I may write. I see people already have outlines or a shell of a story. Some already know what they want and others, like myself, have no idea. That’s great for people who have ideas, but for me, personally, I like to pull things out my…hat.

Anywho. By the end of November, I will have created a masterpiece. Who am I kidding? By the end of November, I’ll be lucky not to snap and break- referring to the emotional roller-coaster I’m about to board and my laptop (thank you mom for suggesting accident insurance!).

Good luck to everyone who’s participating in the 74th Hunger Games!