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Fade (Fade #1) by Kailin Gow
226 pages
Published August 15, 2011
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What if you found out you never existed?

“My name is Celestra Caine. I am seventeen years old, which makes me a senior at Richmond High. I never thought this would happen to me, but it has… I’m one of those people you see every day, go to school with, remember seeing at the supermarket or the mall, and then one day you don’t hear about them any longer. They’re gone, and eventually, you forget them.”


Celestra "Celes" Caine is your average teenage girl. She has a loving
boyfriend, she has college plans, and a great family...until she 
starts to fade and bad guys in black start to come after her.

Right from the get-go the action/drama starts. Celes comes home from
school only to find her family missing, her dad's car is in the drive,
but there's no one there. So, Celes does what teens do, she searches 
the house and whips out her handy cell phone, only to find all the 
numbers are not working- except her boyfriends, which she just stands
there not saying anything to him until her phone dies. After which,
her home phone is called and a weird man says she is about to fade. 

It took me the whole story to understand what 'fading' was. I thought
maybe the person would actually fade, as in disappear, but they don't-
not in the way I thought. Fading means the persons memories get wiped,
and they become a whole new person, free from the life they had before
or in certain cases to forget things. It's a really interesting idea,
and it's really the only thing that kept me reading.

The characters only feel half fleshed out and I contemplated stopping,
but curiosity won out despite that I wasn't enjoying it. Celes is 
an annoying character and her boyfriend Grayson starts off good, but
he gets lost in the mix when Jack appears and becomes a stereotypical
jealous guy that makes you want to roll yours eyes. Jack is Celes's
bodyguard/keeper/love interest. And between the two guys, Celes is
always mooching on one and turning around and mooching on the other,
despite what she says about Grayson being the one for her. 

There were times when I thought the story didn't make sense or certain
parts were just too...fake/didn't feel real. Be warned: This story 
ends in an awful place- right in the middle of the action.

I might pick up the second book, just to see how the idea of fading
pans out or maybe just for Jack.