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Raised by Wolves (Raised by Wolves #1) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
432 pages
Published June 8, 2010
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In Raised by Wolves, Bryn is a young woman who faces challenges every day as a human surrounded by male-dominated werewolves. She was taken under the care of the Pack Alpha, Callum, after her family was killed in front of her when she was a small child. Callum’s affection and over-protectiveness are both invaluable and stifling. Her life is teetering on that line between cherished and smothered, and while she logically understands the rules, her instinct is not to follow. She is a natural leader who is fiercely loyal, passionate, courageous, and willing to test the rules.

And testing the rules is exactly what Bryn must do when she finds out that the pack–her pack, her family–has been holding a prisoner: irresistible newly made teen werewolf, Chase. As Bryn risks everything with and for Chase, she finds her life in danger from those she thought she could trust, strangers from her past, and her own actions.

Despite the intense connection Chase and Bryn have, this isn’t only a romance. Bryn–with the help of Chase, Devon, and Lake (a very awesome female werewolf)–engages in a conflict that challenges Pack order. As is inevitable in such situations, there are consequences, injuries, and loss.


I don't think any type of review can properly express my feelings for
Raised by Wolves. In fact, I think you'd have to meet me face to face
to see just how exactly this book affected me. Jennifer wrote such an
engaging book that literally put me on the edge of my seat. By the 
time I realized how much I loved this book, I was already emotionally
invested. I became apart of the pack. It was that good.

Bryn could have been your typical Mary-Sue. She had all the factors
that should have lead down that road. She was an outsider amongst
Weres, an outsider at her school, picked on by the kids there, Devon 
was her only friend, and she was special. The great thing about Bryn 
is  that she doesn't conform to any of that. It didn't define her, 
well, maybe being special did, but that's beside the point. I love 
Bryn and she was so well written that if I had been magically inserted 
into Raised by Wolves, I would have wanted to protect her as well 
(not to mention be her best friend). 

I give it a five star rating because of how it's written and because 
of that you become tied to the story, to the characters. I've read 
books that made me love them, but never have a read one that made feel 
like a character myself. I did almost lower my rating to four stars
when it came toward the end. I was 92% in and the conflict really just
seemed too easy. That was the only thing that disappointed me. To have 
such a build up where everything was about to be solved, only to have 
that part fall short- really, I expected more of a confrontation. 
Though, by the end, it redeemed itself back to it's original rating. 

I'd also like to point out that it might say irresistible Chase (Bryns
love interest) and romance (in the summary), but, in fact, there is 
very little by the way of actual romance. Throughout the story Bryn 
has set their relationship at, "In a non-freaky, non-ownership, 
we-both-retain-our-independence kind of way." but that's not to say 
there isn't any type of relationship, but just through 70 percent of 
the story it is mostly platonic (in a not really kind of way). 

The world that's been created is much like our own. You know, those 
people you see that live off in the woods, seem sort of different...
except these people are werewolves and in this world female wolves are
very rare and female humans are used as mates and they usually don't
survive pregnancy. The werewolf world seems very real and when Bryn is
connected to the pack it's magical. These are not warm and cuddly 
werewolves. These wolves demand blood. These wolves you don't want to

Make them (and yourself) happy by reading Raised by Wolves- you 
wouldn't want to get on the Alphas bad side, would you?

Is it weird I’d love for Bryn to end up with Callum rather than Chase? I foresee yummy days with those two. ;)